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A Father Will Sacrifice Everything To Make His Daughter Happy! A Very Touching Short Film That Will Make You Cry

The father in this short film is a widow who is working hard to raise his daughter well. He works as a dish washer in a small restaurant and his salary is just enough to support his daughter’s needs.

He’s using his bicycle to fetch his daughter in the school. And one time his daughter requested a new dress because they’ll be celebrating a special occasion at school. He wanted to have new dress because her classmates will be wearing new dress too.

At that night, her father look for something in her mother’s clothes and when her father surprised her with it. She didn’t like it and throw tantrums at her father.

Her father feel bad because he don’t have enough money to buy a new one that’s why he has no choice but to pawn a valuable thing from his wife.

When he already had the money, he directly went to the store to buy his daughter a new dress.

The daughter was surprised when she saw a box on her bed and inside is a new dress. She was so happy, so she wore it and went to her father’s working place and hug him.

See this tear jerking short film below and I’m sure you’ll gonna love it.

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