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Clown Prank Gone Wild, Wondering Why? See the video for you to find out…

Prepare to laugh out loud as this hilarious clown prank gone wild. Maybe you’re thinking of a clown that is friendly to people with a smiling face just like what we have seen on children birthday parties. That he entertains people to enjoy and have fun.

But in this video, what you’re about to watch is totally a different clown. Different from the clowns that we are used to see.

This clown has a scary looks while holding a real chainsaw and attacks the people in the parking area. Of course, he’s not literally attacking the people, he just wants them to scare and run for their lives.

You will see him holding a giant hammer and hammering, the as if , head of a man which is a watermelon only dressed up to look like an actual lying man.

And he will just appear out of nowhere holding something that will threaten your life. That was really scary and creepy.

So, can you imagine that? If it happens to you, what should you do? Will you be brave to face the clown and have a fight with him or you will do the same with the people in the video that their lives are more important even they’ll be called by most people as cowards?

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