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Disturbing Image Hidden Inside A Toy. Not Suitable For Kids.

The disturbing image being revealed in a picture of a toy worried a mother with two kids. Unfortunately, parents love to buy pieces of stuff to their children especially new toys. But there are things that we should consider.

Nicole Allen was hoping to make her daughter smile with the new toy she bought. However, this toy had opposite effect. It’s called an “Evil Stick” and it’s supposed to play music and invoke happy thoughts. The packaging is covered in bright colorful swirls and a fairy and promises that it can send out wonderful music, but the truth is being hidden. When Nicole peeled off the foil on this wand-like item, she was really surprised.

Disturbing Image On The Evil Stick

There was no fairy nor unicorn, instead, there was a disturbing image of a girl cutting herself inside and it produces a sound like “Witch laughing“. OMG! That should not be shown to kids. Amar Moustafa, the owner of the store defend the toy, claiming that parent ought to be more cautious in picking out items for their children.

Watch below and see for yourself and hopefully, it will serve as a warning to both parents and stores owner.

Parents always want their kids to be safe and always put away things that can harm them physically and emotionally. Hence, there are always situations that we couldn’t control but the best thing to do as a parent is to check everything that we give to our kids.

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