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Girl Refused To Give Her Number But, When He Returns Like A Celebrity. She Had Gone Wild!

This prank only shows that when you have fame you can get girls instantly.

Pranks may be hilarious sometimes but, hidden cameras show the real color of every person through pranking them.  In the video shown below entitled the “Ultimate Fame Digger Prank”, you will see a guy approached the girl who is sitting alone in a public place.

They had a conversation and after a few minutes the guy asked her phone number but, the girl refused because she has a boyfriend and she don’t think her boyfriend would like giving her number to a stranger. The guy no longer insisted and he walked away.

45 minutes later, in that same place, there was a crowd cheering and seems like they are waiting a celebrity. Then, in the car, a man stepped out and started signing autographs.

Out of curiosity, the girl came and asked the guy for a selfie. Then when the man asked her number again because he will return to his hotel, he then recalled to the girl that he was the guy who asked her number but, she refused because she already has a boyfriend.

She was excited by that moment because a celebrity asked her number but, he was devastated when the guy left and decided not to take her number.

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