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Hairstylist Cuts Hair Using A Samurai Sword. UNIQUE!


Hairstylist is one of the most in-demand jobs in the world today. But, in Vietnam, there is a unique way of cutting hair. The hairstylist cuts hair using a Samurai sword. It’s very shocking, isn’t it?  I mean, how can they do that? They’re very talented if that’s the case.

Being in the hair cutting business is a competitive field. Salons often look for any competitive edge they can get to attract customers. For some girls, they can’t live without styling their hair even in a year or a month right. Surely, they will love to experience this unique way to style their hair.

Hairstylist in Vietnam

At this hair salon in Vietnam, one of the hairstylist uses unique, interesting but dangerous tool to make his customers beautiful that makes him different from the others. Hence, using a SAMURAI SWORD a “Katana” (yes, you heard it right!!), he effortlessly transforms these ladies’ hair and makes them look gorgeous with a few swings of his sword. UNBELIEVABLE!

Watch the video below and please don’t ever try this on your own. This is only for professionals or somewhat undergo training. Enjoy and be amazed by his unique way of making women beautiful.

Please don’t do this at home if your not a professional swordsman. This is just an example of how talented we can be if we embrace our unique talents. This guy here does his job professionally without flaws.

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