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Orphanage Robbery turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

An orphanage is typically a home for the homeless or those that needs ample care. Likewise, the orphanage in this video is one of them. But, what if someone robbed this place?

Prank videos are very viral these days, mostly just to have fun. But this video prank is different among others, this will surely inspire all of us and will give lots of happiness. The “Orphanage Robbery Prank” was uploaded by Roman Atwood that gave prank video genres something that is different from the others.

Before the prank started Atwood explained the goal of his prank. And that it is to surprise orphans and the orphanage staffs in the local orphanage. Atwood shared that he will make the premises and the rooms in the orphanage messy and hide the old computers, laptops, and other equipment.

Orphanage Robbery Revelations

The next day, staffs were shocked upon seeing the place robbed and there were police all over the building. Atwood disguised as a detective and interviewed the staffs to get information that may lead to the suspect. And while Atwood leading them to the office, he revealed something that surprised the staffs and gave them lots of happiness.

Watch the video and found out what the surprise is all about.

Moreover, the most precious gift we could ever receive is the gift from the heart. I hope we can do this thing also even to the smallest thing we could ever give.

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