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Prankster Arrested in China. What Do You Think Is The Cause?

Prankster arrested in China after causing massive panic due to a terrifying zombie prank. The prankster is a member of a group known TMD which produces a variety of prank videos on YouTube. For their Halloween special they made a zombie prank video in a subway on October 30.

In the video, the prankster was seen coughing up blood while inside the train that made the passenger terrified and immediately moved away from the prankster. And some passengers ran to the other cabin of the train due to panic.

Prankster arrested-Subway Zombie prank

The video drew negative comments from the netizens in YouTube. But according to Shanghai Daily, the prankster was reported by some witnesses and the prankster allegedly arrested and jailed for 5 days for causing mass panic on the train.

This was really in bad taste because of the historical SARS outbreak, current dengue cases and of course the EBOLA crisis. Please let us be aware and consider other people when doing pranks.

Pranks are fun but they have limits. Be reminded that not all people are aware of the so-called “prank”. It is best that if you do pranks choose the place that suits your activity and not in a busy place like the station.

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