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The Sign Is Clear “Don’t Look Inside The Wall”. But, This Man Just Want to Sneak So, He Receive His Price!

Wherever you go there are always a sign to warn the people. Like in the roads, private property and many more. But, the big question is, do you always follow what the sign says? It’s so frightening if you don’t follow what the signs say, because you never know what happens next. But, there are hard headed people that always neglect signs and do what they think is good for them. And then, in the end they just realized that they should not take for granted what sign says.

Just like what happened to these people, in the street their is a big box with the sign “Don’t look inside the wall” it’s so clear that nobody is allowed to sneak what’s inside the wall.But, there are people who can’t help themselves to look what’s inside.

Maybe because of their curiosity that they want to find out why there is a big box in the middle of the street. So, when they try to sneak what’s inside of that box they were surprised to receive their price. And it’s a tasteful cream pie on their face, they never expected it to happen.

Some, got irritated and pissed that they even tried to grab the man who did the prank to them. But, they can’t get him and they have nothing to do but to kick the box and left.

Watch the hilarious video shown below, this will make you laugh!

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