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This Daughter Commits Suicide Because She Doesn’t Like To Have A Deaf Father! But, What Her Father Did To Save Her life Is Truly Touching!

Oh my… I literally cried while watching this sad story of a father’s love for his daughter.

This story is about a daughter who wants a better dad that is not deaf. She always got bullied in school because of her dad’s condition. So she felt so mad about why she was given a father likes her dad. She is always mad at her dad that she never appreciate all of her father’s hard working just to provide her needs. Her father loves her so much, but she didn’t care about it.

It was her birthday and her dad bought a cake for her. While her dad is waiting for her to go downstairs. So they can celebrate together her birthday, he was shocked when he heard a loud noise.

Her daughter attempted suicide and he rushed her to the hospital. He was so worried, and even though he can speak a single word he was trying to tell the doctor to save his daughter’s life, he had saved some money and can even sell his house just to save his daughter. He will do anything, that’s how he loves his daughter. And his blood saves his daughter’s life.

This should be a lesson to everyone that we must accept and respect our parents for who they are because if not because of them you will not exist in this world.

Nobody’s perfect and so as your father, he may not give all of your needs, but you are still blessed that your father can fully give you his unconditional love just like in this video.

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