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This Luxury Car Was Left Outside by the Owner: Open with Keys Inside Ready to Use…What This Man Did After Seeing It Left me Speechless

‘Honesty is the Best Policy’ –we all know this quote but not all of us live with it. Being Honest is easy to say but hard to prove. Every one of us can say we are honest especially when people are looking at us, but what if there’s none.

To test people’s honesty, 2 best prankster team up -Joey Salads and Mike from TwinzTV decided to conduct a prank. This simple prank can prove if people nowadays still possess the so called HONESTY! They set a McLaren a luxury car, as bait to see if people would steal or take the car for a run.

But it’s not a typical prank wherein people behind it will run out to confront the victim this prank is shocking wherein there’s a twist: the car seat is rigged with electrical wires that will shock the thief when activated with a remote control.

This McLaren is very easy to spot because of its luxurious appearance, and can easily grab people’s attention. It was perfect bait for dishonest people. As expected, several passersby saw the car with the keys available for grabs—will they take the bait?

As soon as they get in the car, Joey Salads presses on his remote control, and the people are shocked—literally! Confused, they get out of the car with bewildered faces. Hopefully this prank will make them change their ways!


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