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This Man Was In A Hurry To Enter The Elevator. What He Did Next Will Really Make You Go Crazy!

He was in a hurry to enter the elevator but, what happened next is really surprising!

This video will really make you laugh so hard! Watch how this elevator prank makes everyone go crazy. It is not the usual elevator that you used to ride inside the buildings, mall and hotels. But, it is built most specially for the victims of this prank.

From The YouTube Channel of Just For Laughs Gags, they  set-up a special elevator for the people to experience a one great ride. What will you do if your are stuck in an elevator and somebody fart with a stinky smell?

That would be really gross! It is one of the elevator pranks and it doesn’t end there because there are still pranks that will really hurt your stomach because of laughing. Just like helping a blind man getting a ride in an elevator without knowing that its empty.

The reactions of these people were so hilarious they didn’t know that there’s a soft foam below it. There are still more hilarious pranks that you would love to try with others.

Watch the best Just for Laugh Gags elevator pranks in the video shown below:

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