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Would You Cover For Someone In Exchange Of Money?

What will you do when a complete stranger asked you to cover up for him and in return he will give you some money? Will you agree or not?

Maybe, if that happens to me, of course I will not agree to that. At first, I don’t know him and something bad might happen to me if I agree to him. Much better to stay away from him for m own safety.

But, in the video shown below, though it is a prank but, you can learn lesson from it. And you will be able to know their true color the way they react to the prank.

Rob Anderson a magician and a prankster will be giving money to someone in a very unusual way. Rob asked random people to watch over the empty briefcase for him and tell nobody where he is. Of course, they were confused and were speechless when Rob left right away. Then, all of a sudden two FBI agents arrived and was searching for him. Some were honest and told where he is while some deny that they didn’t saw him.

But, what they don’t know that the agents were not real and they were filmed by hidden cameras. They can’t stop laughing after they discovered that have been pranked.

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