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Feisty Zebra Tries To Drown A Lion. Fight For Your Life!

Feisty zebra, that is the image of an animal prey in this video. As we all know, a zebra is unique among other animal species due to its distinctive coat and a humble one. On the other hand, lions are aggressive predators that will surely slay other animals for a meal.

Fight for the reassuring presence of the packet terms the zebras remain on the alert for its predators. The steep is an ideal spot for an ambush. In the issuing panic, one of the zebras got lost from the herd and hoped the lion would be scared of the water. He finds safe and peace on the water but the lion did not hesitate to join him .

Zebra vs Lion

The battle seems hopeless; yet while his life hangs on a thread, the zebra will fight up to his last dying breath! What happens next is unexpected. The zebra flipped The lion and find himself on top of his opponent trying to push down and drown a lioness.

The lion’s speed means he swiftly catches up with his potential meal, leaping on its back and sinking its teeth deep into the zebra’s flesh.Undaunted, the zebra desperately fights to save its life – ducking, diving and weaving to shake off the predator. The lion gave up!! If that lion had a like more confidence and faith she would be eating a zebra. I assume that the wounds of the zebra cannot really affect him and he will survive. The lioness, on the other hand, had to endure a more serious blow and it’s waiting for anybody for some help.



Respect for each other. I do hope that there’s no domination will happen!

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